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Pay As U Go

Pay As U Go

If you are not an account holder, payment for you same day delivery can be settled by most major debit or credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Switch/Maestro, Maestro Solo and Visa Electron. Payments can be made securely online via PayPal or over the telephone by calling our office.

For online payments please use ‘Make Payment’ below to pay for your courier service, you will need a job number and payment amount from the office when you called to book your courier!

Telephone payments are processed by the office, Phone lines are open 24/7 Tel: 0121 359 2787 for Birmingham office, 0117 299 3287 for Bristol office, 0161 821 1087 for Manchester office and 01494 958 387 for High Wycombe office.

Secure payments online via PayPal “no PayPal account  needed”  paypal